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“But the happiest people are the ones who understand that good things occur when one allows them to.”
— Danny Wallace, Yes Man (via observando)

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It’s almost comical to see yet another article describing a White shooter in apologetic terms, while Black victims of police shootings are almost always described as troublemakers.

A heavily armed White male in Pennsylvania shot two police officers in cold blood, and NBC wrote an article with a headline describing him as an “easy-going guy.”  Meanwhile, a completely unarmed Black teenager gets shot by a police officer under questionable circumstances in Missouri, and he gets described as "no angel" who "dabbled in drugs and alcohol" by the New York Times.  

And by the way, the White male in question was convicted of theft in the past.  The same thing Michael Brown was accused of.  Only, you know, not by the store owner who was allegedly robbed.

The media is kinder to White killers than it is to Black victims of state violence.  To see it play out again and again despite the fact that media critics have been pointing out these disparities for years is just mindblowing.


Most of the world supports globalization in theory, but many question it in practice